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אנו גאים ונרגשים להציג בפניכם את פרויקט הדגל הלאומי החדש של אשקלון - TERA PARK - פארק ההיי-טק הגדול בישראל.

הפארק, שבנייתו החלה ממש בימים אלו בסמוך לשכונת 'עיר היין' בעיר, ישנה את מפת התעסוקה הלאומית ויציע אלפי מקומות עבודה חדשים לתושבי אשקלון ומחוצה לה בתחומי ההיי-טק, הביו-טק, הטכנולוגיה, הרפואה והמחקר. הפארק מהווה חלק מהאקו-סיסטם העירוני המתהווה ובסיס פורה לשיתופי פעולה חינוכיים ואקדמיים ולמיזמים פורצי דרך בארץ ובעולם.

אנו מודים לרשות מקרקעי ישראל על תרומתה ליזום ופיתוח הפארק, שימצב את אשקלון כמטרופולין החדש של ישראל וכאחת הערים האטרקטיביות ביותר. אנחנו כבר בדרך לשם.


We are changing the way people think about employment

In a perfect strategic location, 40 km from Tel Aviv, 15 km from Highway 6, the Ashkelon Center for Innovation, Science and Business will be established. The center was designed by Armon Architects and will serve as a leading R&D with high-tech areas and offices totaling 370,000 square meters on a 252-dunam space cell and near a new neighborhood currently under construction with about 11,000 housing units. The Ashkelon Municipality, through the economic company, is establishing a park that will be an expression of prosperity in real estate, education and employment in Ashkelon and will be a fruitful basis for cooperation between academia, R&D, technology, business and industry at the forefront in Israel and around the world.


About the park

Ashkelon is changing the employment map in Israel



Urban integration

Mixing uses for hotel areas, train station, transportation center, commerce, green energy services

241 acres

Park area

717,514 sq.m. Built for employment, clean industry, integrated commerce, offices, R&D industries

101 acres

Support Center

101 dunams of advanced logistics centers (marlogs) with operating areas and train access

Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 15.22.28.png

Strategic location



Walking distance from the Wine City neighborhood of 11k housing units and the Ibn Ezra neighborhood of 5k housing units

City Building Plan

Guarantee of diverse uses


Land available for marketing

Program area

394 dunams for employment, clean industry, industrial garden, integrated area of trade, offices, research and development industries.


Near Highway 4 and major arteries.

Transport accessibility

An on-site train station and an innovative transportation center


the park

Another approach in an innovative method

The park in Ashkelon will be located at the entrance gate to the city as a new and large urban complex. Concentration of companies, organizations and institutions engaged in advanced technologies, research and development - will soon become of national and international importance in these fields. Thanks to careful planning, the park will allow a wide range of industry and employment opportunities such as clean industry, R&D industries, offices, commerce and more. The fact that the park will be located at the entrance to the city, also makes it accessible to the local population, and to hundreds of thousands of residents living in nearby cities. Thus, the park will become not only a center of employment, but also a vibrant and lively recreation and leisure hub.

Ashkelon in numbers



Annual investment in the student

Eligibility for matriculation


Souls per household


Population growth in the next decade




Housing units under construction


our partners

It is important for us to be in constant contact with our partners from the planning and development stages of infrastructure at the highest level through investor relations to the population stage. We at Terra Park believe that through our partners, we will be able to create a synergy that will feed the various companies in the park and create economic and educational collaborations between the companies in the park and the municipal institutions in Ashkelon.


Ministry of Industry

רשות מקרקעי ישראל.png

Israel Lands Authority


Palace of Architects

180_לוגו-התאחדות-התעשיינים (1).png

Manufacturers Association


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