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The CEO's Vision

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The Ashkelon Economic Company was established by the Ashkelon Municipality in 1987, and is an executive arm of the Ashkelon Municipality that helps promote and develop the city. The company is responsible for a variety of areas, such as: initiating and developing projects and infrastructure, managing the marina, managing the parking authority, producing events and urban festivals, developing and promoting tourism and recreation, urban renewal, developing the tower and managing the Hall of Culture.

The sixth President of the United States, John Quincy Adams, has defined a leader as someone whose actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and achieve more.

This definition is also true in the business world, local authorities and education systems where modern management is the ability to lead a working public to success and achievement, both at the personal and systemic level.

In the spirit of the words of John Quincy Adams, the Ashkelon Economic Company has adopted five core values: partnership, teamwork, excellence, innovation, and striving for victory. These values accompany us in our daily activities.


I entered my position as CEO during May 2017. I intend to continue the service revolution that the company has been leading in recent years and finds expression in the financial statements, while stepping up - implementing a multi-year strategy to improve the company's position and elevate stability, sustainability and ability to survive and maintain The interests of the residents of the city of Ashkelon in the face of the urban growth trend, while promoting and maintaining their well-being, while facing the challenge of the umbrella agreements signed between the local authority in Ashkelon and the Israel Land Authority, the Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Finance. Ashkelon housing unit. For this purpose, cooperation was established with the economic company and all the relevant bodies and factors. I am confident that this move will contribute to the optimal planning, management, supervision and execution of the project.


We strive for continuous improvement in all areas of activity and invest heavily in the areas of safety, health, and social responsibility in front of all our stakeholders, contractor customers, working suppliers and more.

The company's activity is characterized by the pursuit of excellence by implementing innovative solutions in the various areas of activity, while paying attention to the values of sustainability and the preservation of the environment and nature.

We also look at our day-to-day operations and where we can streamline and take on previously outsourced activities we do so.

In the construction of TERA PARK, a lot of thought was invested from the planning stage in green construction and innovative and advanced infrastructure that will position the park in Ashkelon as the leading and largest high-tech park in Israel.

We carry out all the activities while raising the awareness and great importance of the company's employees to the essence of their role as service providers.


We will be happy to receive comments, insights and suggestions from you regarding the site and the activities of the corporation in general. You are welcome to contact us via  The attached form .

I sincerely hope that you will find the site accessible, efficient and friendly.


Yossi Dayan


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